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Simple Yet Classy Line Gel Nail Art to Try out for This Warm Season


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Clean looking line nail art to try out! 

Nail arts are greatly loved by females as it doesn't only beautify our hands but also gives a mood change. However, some that find nail arts a hassle for being extremely time taking, this particular nail art may be the right one for you. The line nail art is straightforward and does the job at the same time. Let's get started! 

1. Similar to any other nail art, apply the base gel first before curing the gel under the UV light for 30 seconds.

2. Next, apply the gel color of your preference. 

3. Cut the line tape at an appropriate length before pasting it onto your nails. 

4. Once you have secure the line tape at the desired position, cut the excess off. 

Image Source: Youtube ' Hello Lilys' Screenshot

5. To firmly secure the line tape, dab some gel glue only at the ends of the line tape.

6. Brush a layer of clear gel over your nails before layering it once again to have the line tapes intact.

(Note: Do remember to cure it after applying a layer.)

7. Lastly, end it off with a layer of gel top coat before curing it for the last time. 

Watch the simple tutorial in the video above and try it for yourselves!

Source: [Youtube] Hello Lilys

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