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Get Your Perfect Bun for Middle Length Hair with This Less Than a Minute Long Tutorial


The Korean style hair bun for the youthful look.

You may have tried this hairstyle on your own before but have you ever left that it's never satisfying on the first try? Or if your hair isn't long enough to have a bun that would stay on without having a few strands falling down? This will be the right tutorial for you! 

1. To add a little volume, lightly curl your hair with a hair curler to create the wavy effect on your hair.

Here's the important part!

2. Instead of taking all of your hair at one go, take only HALF! Position it at your desired level before tying it up. While grabbing your hair, remember to leave some 'air' in between so that it doesn't look flat. 

Image Source: Youtube '기우쌤' Screenshot

3. Next, grab the remaining bottom hair, twist it upwards before securing it with a bobby pin. Remember to secure your pin vertically for the pin to be hidden.

4. Backcomb the secured hair with a flat comb and turn your hair in one similar direction.

Image Source: Youtube '기우쌤' Screenshot

5. Finally, secure it once again with bobby pins.

There you have it! Watch the tutorial above and try it for yourselves! 

Source: [Youtube] 기우쌤

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