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Faced Difficulty in Losing Legs Fat? Here are 10 Food Rules to Keep to Prepare Your Legs for the Shape up


Right tips to get yourselves a beautiful pair of dream legs!

Did you know common diet methods would actually make your lower body thicker? In order to lose the fat in your legs, you will have to make your legs squishy before going into your muscle workout. Proper stretching and meals are necessary for the process, so make sure you keep a note with those! 

What are the foods that you can eat and those you can't help soften your legs for the shape up? It may sound unrealistic but check them out below and watch the explanation in the video above later! 

1. Eat cooked veggies instead of raw veggies.

2. Drink water only when you are thirsty.

3. Eat more carbs! Not carbs from bread but of rice.

4. Lots of seaweed! 

5. Steamed cabbage.

6. Vitamin B and C.

7. Root vegetables. 

8. Be careful of sodium.

9. Little to none fruits as they are high in calories, except for fruits that helps in lower body obesity (Banana, apple, strawberry, watermelon, persimmon, grape, and quince)

10. Keep yourself away from alcohol and coffee. 

Unbelievable as it sounds, these are the 10 rules to keep with your food intake. Watch the video above to see the detailed explanation! 

Source: [Youtube] UNA 유나

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