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Exercise 2 Hours a Day and Only Stick with Salads But Still Not Losing Weight? Here`s the Reason and Solution for You


The reason why your diet tips you though should do well failed you.

No carbohydrates, only salads and tofus and at least spent 2 hours a day, twice a week at the gym but still not losing weight? Maybe it's time to look through to see where the problem lies.

1. Amount over type

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You could be eating solely salads but 2 bowls of it, chicken breast but 5 slices of it. This isn't as much recommended as it seems to be. Sticking to only a minimum choice of food makes it difficult for you to keep on with the diet and your body isn't taking in sufficient nutrients it requires. 

So, expand the variety of the food you eat but at a small amount would be a better alternative. 

2. Exercise: Short and frequent

Image Source: Harvard Health

Exercise shouldn't be neglected in a diet as well. Instead of spending 2 hours twice a week, tiring yourself out at a go, hit the gym as frequent as you can but only spend a sufficient short amount of time required. 

In this case, you won't feel all stressed out thinking about the next 'hell' time you hit the gym. 

3. Weight yourselves every morning

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You might be afraid to face the number that would appear on the weighing scale when you knew you have a fulfilling meal the night before. However, this isn't to discourage or delight yourself with the numbers but instead a recalling factor that will help you keep track of your progress. 

Check out the tutorial in the video above.

Source: [Youtube] Daisy 데이지

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