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Here`s a Tutorial with Tips to Help Prevent Your Makeup from Cracking Regardless of the Weather


No wind or heat could stop you from keeping your makeup looking smooth and clean. 

Ever get frustrated to realize that your makeup is all cracked up after a strong wind or under a blazing sunlight? Here's a tutorial to help! 

1. Do not apply too much skincare before your makeup. This is because these skin cares could cause clumping if it isn't being absorbed well.

Instead of moisturizing toner, essence and cream would be fit in just right before your makeup. Do make sure to only move on to the next step of your skin care after the previous one has fully sunk into your skin. 

2. Instead of using a mist to moisten up your face, those with dry skins could try applying BB Cream along with balms to keep the moisture in. Later, use a wet latex sponge to blend it in. 

3. In case of situations where your makeup starts to clump up, use a cotton pad with toner and reapply it.

4. Before applying your makeup, wet your brush with water or with mist. A brush with a bigger surface is preferred as it helps better in smoothing out the makeup.

Image Source: Youtube 'Risabae Screenshot

5. Instead of just applying the base immediately, fill the brush with your base cream before applying onto your face. This will help to apply the base smoothly too.

Image Source: Youtube 'Risabae Screenshot

6. Use a loose type powder instead of a pressed type as it is lighter and finer than the other.

Use this few points to take note, it will help to prevent cracking or clumping on your makeup! Watch the tutorial above and try it for yourself! 

Source: [Youtube] Risabae

Thumbnail Credit: 심심해요

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