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Try This Korean `Roughly` Tied Bun Hairstyle to Enhance Your Mature Beauty


What will be a better casual hairstyle than this?

If you are one with something casual yet neat and at the same time feminine looking, this hairstyle should be one you should definitely try out. Get ready your wavy hair after just roughly curling them and let's get started.

1. Use your hand to grab and comb your hair roughly, leaving out the fringes on both sides.

Image Source: Youtube ' 기우쌤' Screenshot

2. Tie them up and with a pinching gesture, pinch the side of your tie hair to give off the loose feeling.

Image Source: Youtube ' 기우쌤' Screenshot

3. Separate your low ponytail into two before starting on a pigtail.

Image Source: Youtube ' 기우쌤' Screenshot

4. Tie your pigtail ends and curl it up towards the original ponytail and secure it with a safety pin.

Image Source: Youtube ' 기우쌤' Screenshot

5. Curl up the remaining ponytail and similarly, secure it up with a safety pin too.

Image Source: Youtube '기우쌤' Screenshot

There you have it, the 'roughly' tied hair bun hairstyle that you should try out! Watch the tutorial above and try it for yourselves! 

Source: [Youtube] 기우쌤

Thumbnail Credit: Jey

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