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Want That [Peek-a-Boo] Makeup That Red Velvet`s Irene Had? Try out This Tutorial Now!



Red Velvet members brought not only a new mature and 'dangerous' side of them with their latest 'Peek-a-Boo' release but also a new iconic makeup style that is definitely one every makeup lover shouldn't miss. This tutorial will help you through Red Velvet's leader, Irene's makeup that she had in their music video.

Image Source: Youtube 'SMTOWN' Screenshot 

Focusing on the pinkish blush eye makeup, more strawberry pink based eyeshadow was used. 

Image Source: Youtube '로즈하 ROSEHA' Screenshot 

With the above tutorial, you can now try out Irene's 'Peek a boo...!' makeup yourself!

Source: [Youtube] 로즈하 ROSEHA

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