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Get Your Eyelashes Prettily Curled Naturally with These Curling Tips


Have your eyelashes curled beautifully and all naturally. 

Eyelashes play an important part of one's makeup too and we can't deny that it is sometimes rather tricky to have the best state of your eyelashes day to day. What's so different in the method that is being showed in the tutorial as of what usually we all do? 

Instead of the one way, grip and press method in one single direction on your eyelashes, this tutorial showed a method to curl your eyelashes that would result it being spread out equally and upright. 

The usual way most does is also being demonstrated in the front part of the tutorial for comparison. 

Image Source: Youtube 'cococho 코코초' Screenshot 

The method taught in the later part of the tutorial showed a curling method by twisting your curler with a fixed point at the end of your eyes.

Image Source: Youtube 'cococho 코코초' Screenshot 

Turn on the caption in the video above for it's prepared English subtitles and try the method out by yourselves! 

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Source: [Youtube] cococho 코코초

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