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Wonder How You can Identify Those Hairstyles That Fit Your Face Shape and Those That Doesn`t? Here`s How


Here's how you can find the best hairstyle for yourselves. 

For those who style your own hair, you might have tried many hairstyles on yourselves to find the right one that you look best in. On the other hand, some that style their own hair could still be going around the bushes trying to find one that fits. 

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Here's a simple guide list of the ideal hairstyles for the 6 different hairstyles mentioned in the tutorial above! 

1. Egg-shaped:

Most ideal face shape that fits any hairstyle. 

2. Square-shaped:

Not ideal with straight hairstyle, better with a cut that lies perfectly on the jaw. 

3. Round-shaped:

Avoid short hairstyle and a center parting on the front would help to lessen the roundness of the face.

4. Heart-shaped:

Ideal with short hairstyles and styling where there are layering taking place.

5. Diamond-shaped:

When tying your hair, it would be better to tie it after removing the side hair instead of tying them all up. 

6. Long-shaped:

Let down your bangs or fringe to shorten the long-look of your face.

Image Source: Youtube '요상한TV' Screenshot

Check out the tutorial right above!

Source: [Youtube] 요상한TV

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