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6 `Celebrity Pick` Lipsticks That are Just Right for This Summer


Lipsticks ready for this summer. 

Lipsticks definitely are one of the most important elements in one's makeup and we know the huge variety of lipsticks there is around right now. Therefore, deciding on one could be a tough task.

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Therefore, instead of going through the tough process of looking through every single lipstick out there that could be suitable for you, why not start by referencing from celebrities that have made the lipsticks better known after they have used it. 

Check out the respective lipstick pick from 6 female celebrities right below! 

1. Red Velvet's Irene - GIORGIO ARMANI Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick No.302 

Image Source: Radio Star

2. Sunmi - HERA Rouge Holic Shine No. 338

Image Source: Instagram 'miyayeah' 

3. Heize - TONY MONY Liptone Get It Tint No. 5,6,7 

Image Source: Instagram 'heizeheize'  

4. IU - MAC Relentlessly Red

Image Source: 버칼리

5. Seo Hyunjin - ESTEE LAUDER Sheer Matte 

Image Source: Pinterest

6. BLACKPINK's Jennie - Chanel Rouge Allure Ink No. 416

Image Source: ELLE

Source: [Youtube] 한국어 광고 HUB(KOREAN COMMERCIALS HUB) ★1

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