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Removing Tummy Fats in 5 Minutes? Here`s How You Can Achieve It Through a Simple Breathing Exercise


Tummy fats exercise in just 5 minutes. 

You may have worked hard in trying to lose your excess fats that stays around your tummy but there are just that stubbornly stays on. These stubborn fats could be the main problem or obstacle to your beautiful body line too.

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Now, here's the complete step-by-step to remove those tummy fats and all it takes only 5 minutes.

1. Position your legs up onto a chair while having your upper body lying down on the floor.  

2. Lift up your butt slightly and breath in a regular manner. 

3. Place your hands on your ribs and the pit of your stomach. Breathe while pressing on them. 

Image Source: Youtube 'MBN News' Screenshot 

Watch the clip in the video above and try it for yourselves! 

Source: [Youtube] MBN News

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