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Ever Wonder Why Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Eggs are a Must During Diets? Here`s Why


Introducing the big 3 of diet meals. 

Anyone that has ever done a diet that requires them to change their food habits would definitely have seen this 3 foods changed into their meals. There are no other than, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and eggs. Why are they always including in diet meal plans? 

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Alpha-lipoic acids that could found in treatments for diabetes or nerve disease is a kind of fatty acid produced in our body at a small amount. Tomato which is rich in alpha-lipoic acid would help as anorectic agents and energy consumption that expedite weight loss. 

Sweet potato

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Sweet potato is the representative diet food that helps in digestions with its rich in fiber nutrients. Jalapin that is found in sweet potatoes not only helps to prevent colorectal cancer but aids better bowel movement too. 


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An egg contains a sufficient amount of 26ug chrome for a day. Also, it's rich in amino acids, having around 7ug of protein whilst making it one of the mandatory diet food. 

What are you waiting for? Time to add these into your diet meal plan now! 

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