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Needs More Soft Touches to Your Hair? Here are Hairstyle with Pretty Details to Complete Your Sweet Look


Enhance your summer with beautiful ribbons and sweet flowery touches. 

Love those lace dress on you but feeling a little dull or lack of more softer details to your overall look? They say your hair plays a huge part to one's look and aura and it sure does. It's time to put away those serious looking black hair ties and change it with ivory ribbons and flower hair pins. 

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Accessories are often hard to put on especially when you are doing it all alone and you can hardly see what's going on at the back of your head. However, with this tutorial that focuses on beautiful hair accessories self-styling, you will be out and about in no time. 

Image Source: Youtube 'HelloRabbit헬로토끼' Screenshot

Check out the tutorial right above!

Source: [Youtube] HelloRabbit헬로토끼

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