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Have an Burdenless, Unconscious Diet with These 4 Little Changes of Your Eating Habit


Introducing you the 'unconscious diet.' 

Regardless of the reason and body type or the weight you are starting from, diet is never an easy task, ever. This is obviously because, not only you have cut on your favorite food, take in more food that is on your unpleasant scale of food but also increases the number of exercises you do or even worst, the need to add them now. 

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Even though there is no way out of dieting but there are definitely ways to make the process more pleasant or even better, for you to not feel it at all. How to do that? 

1. Eat only the amount you set prior the start of your meal

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This helps you to prevent yourselves from overeating than the amount you actually require. 

2. Leave some signs of you done with your meal

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When you see crumbs from bread or paper from muffins, its said to help you feel full as it sends a signal to your bread signifying that you are done with your meal. 

3. Make your eating process troublesome

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Just simply thinking of the process of preparing, to cooking and to cleaning, it would ruin your appetite a little after thinking of the long and troublesome process. With that, you should easily switch over to a lighter meal that only requires a few minutes to prepare. For example, salad rather than mash potatoes. 

4. Stay close to people who have a small appetite. 

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Your friends are easily your source of influence most of the time. Hanging around friends who eat only a small portion, even if it may not happen in a short period of time but your appetite may naturally adapt to what your friends would normally have only. 

With these changes, diets would just slip into your daily routine without you knowing. It's time to switch those up! 

Source: [Youtube] Laella

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