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Having a Hard Time Deciding the Best Korean Wet Tissue to Get? Here`s a Guide to Help You Choose One


Wet tissues to make your day fresh anytime. 

Summer is deadly with its heat and dryness. Due to its heat, not everyone is able to enjoy the summer as much as they should. Other than the use of fans, mists and more summer cooling items, wet tissues are items good to add to the list. Especially, pocket-sized ones. However, with so many to choose from, it's always hard to decide which to get so here are a few handpicked wet tissues for you to consider when purchasing. 

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1. A'PIEU's Foot Care Perfume Tissue 

Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Price: 2,200₩(10 pcs)

Pros: Removes indesirable foot smell, leaving only a sense of coolness on your pair of feet. 

2. ON: The Body X Kakao Friends' Body Etiquette Tissue

Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Price: 3,900₩(5 pcs)

Pros: Wet tissues especially for body-use. 

3. Etude House's Wonder Pore Freshener Tissue

Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Price: 3,000₩(10 pcs)

Pros: Not only wipes sweat but also takes care of your pores. 

4. The Face Shop's Daily-use Green Tea Mask

Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Price: 18,000₩(30 pcs)

Pros: Sheet mask that helps to moisten your skin with its green tea essence. 

5. Espoir's Pre Face Tissue Toner

Image Source: Cosmopolitan 

Price: 12,000₩(20pcs)

Pros: Could be used as a toner face mask or to wipe your skin when touching up your makeup. 

What would be your choice? 

Source: [Youtube] 에뛰드하우스(ETUDE HOUSE)

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